Our academy provides multifaceted seminar programs.

The newest trends collections are being casted in a look and learn presentation, both in fall as in spring. This is followed with a hands-on for those who which to hone their technique under the professional supervision of our educators.

They will provide you with a perfect insight using our well-known technical explanations, which will sever as a clear example how to apply these new trends in your salon in a successful and productful way.

Color and Technique

Here we provide our students with two different kind of seminars.

A look and learn presentation of our new color trends and their technical adaptation followed by the hands-on for those who which to perfect these techniques, once again under the professional supervision of our educators.

Color Coaching

An exclusive specialisation course, with limited capacity (10 persons). Here every course attendee gets a personal guidance based on his wishes.

Style and Finishing Touches

A two day seminar with an afternoon presentation and a full day training for those who wish to perfect their styling sklills or those interested in a perfect first look into the knowleadge of brushing, straightning and curling technique.

These seminars are both suited to meet the needs of both a starting hairdresser as for the more advanced onces because the guidance is on a personal level.

Cut with technique

Regardless wether you wish to refine or brush up on your technical insight in the art of cutting hair, or wish to provide your employees with the tools necessary to improve their productivity in your salon in a speedy manner, this course is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or provide for your employees.

A two day look and learn experience where you with proper insight and the perfect method will be taught how to analyse a cut and to execute it with skill.

Fashion with technique [not for beginners]

One of our most praised and most successful seminars, for the fanatics of cut and fashion who strive for perfection and the elevated adaptation of techniques in cut and styling. 

Up do

The up do of long hair is your passion or your bane?

This seminar will demonstrate you a look and learn formula of the new trends in this field adapted for weddings or parties.

A step by step presentation will provide you with valuable insights in how to up do long hair.

Private coaching

Your schedual prevents you to visit our seminars, or you prefer a personal plan suited for your business, wether it be at your location or in our academy, we can meet your requirements, and you can book with our team a personal touch seminar.

Please note that transport fees and meal costs will be charged for this type of training. If for several days, the fee for overnight will be added aswell.

Demo’s and Shows

For bigger events you need to contact our academy personally so we can talk about the specifics.